AfriCa Fest was created in 2012 with great enthusiasm and moderate expectations. Over the years, the growing interest and audience has exceeded all expectations. In keeping with the tradition of Canadian cultural diversity, we aim to create a stage that will respect the cultural mosaic of Canada and ensure that artists belong to less visible minority groups are better represented in Victoria. We aim to build the Victoria and British Columbia artistic community through the awareness and celebration of African and Caribbean arts, culture and heritage.

The Founder and Manager of AfriCa Fest has several years of experience organizing and promoting cultural events. Her past projects include and are not limited to: completing an education in event and project management, owner and operator of a restaurant in Quebec for 8 years, organizing cultural events in Haiti and Quebec over a span of a decade, and more. Shortly after moving to Victoria, she identified the need to raise awareness and celebrate African and Caribbean cultures with all Canadians.