African Dance Bootcamp with Merlin Nyankam

 African Traditional & Contemporary Dances with Merlin Nyankam
Beginner classes:
Chores and dances specifically from Paris & Vancouver with genuine Rhythms and moves
 “If you can talk, you can sing. And if you can walk, you can DANCE.” – African Proverb



  • African Dance is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit. African dance is a total-body workout which uses every part of the body and strengthens every muscle group

  • African dance revitalizes and energizes you. The music and dance together create a dialogue, dynamic energy is exchanged between drummer and dancer so that neither tires. The drum compels you to move.

General Benefits of Dance:
Improves the heart and cardiovascular system, enlarges lung capacity, burns calories, increases the good cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar, strengthens the bones and retards the aging process of body and mind.

Specific Benefits of Dance:
African dance relieves stress, the number one cause of all disease by raising our endorphin levels. This in turn boosts immunity and can help heal depression.
After a good dance work out many claim to sleep longer and deeper thus preventing or improving insomnia.

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