Fodé (Akra) Soumah

Fodé Mohamed (Akra) Soumah

An artist originally from Guinea-Conakry, Fodé Mohamed Soumah (Akra) has been in the world of music since the age of 15. Akra specializes in the art of doundoun drums, impressive Guinean percussion instruments, which are especially essential to any traditional group. He was formed by Djibril Morlaye Camara (Badjibi), as well as many internationally renowned artists playing for Les Ballets Africains and Les Ballets Djoliba de Guinée-Conakry.

In his country of origin, Akra was a member of the Wassasso Ballets for a year, and Gbassikolo Ballets in Kaloum for more than 10 years, where he was a longtime drummer. In parallel, he broadened his horizons by learning the art of making high-quality dundouns and djembes with his master, Kabinet Camara Moungam. Akra also sold the instruments and exported them internationally.

Akra has been residing in Gatineau, QC since 2008. He works to promote his culture by teaching doundoun and Guinean songs to Canadians. Akra, being a specialist in doundoun drums in Canada, has performed across the country with Les Groupes Cobra du Mandingue; Outaouais, for which he was a founding member and deputy director; Les Ambassadeurs de Djembé; Fabe Productions in Toronto; Djembe Quebec; and Benkady in Montreal. Akra has performed with the Kalabanté group in Montreal and has also participated in the TV show La Vie est un Cirque 2, presented by TV5.

AfriCa Fest Performances:

Essamba – May 2017
Masters’ Collective Workshop Series – September-October 2017
Essamba – February 2018

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