Experience Africa.


Canada prides itself as a country made up of a cultural mosaic—a mosaic based on the belief that as a whole, our nation is stronger by having immigrants bring with them their cultural diversity for all Canadians to learn from and celebrate.

Africa is made up of 54 countries and over 3,000 distinct cultures. The Victoria African and Caribbean Cultural Society (VACCS) strives to promote an environment in which all Canadians take full advantage of dynamic African cultural experiences, celebrating our history and heritage, and participating in building creative communities.

And we have a lot of fun doing it! Join us and participate in one of our exciting events!

The Victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society (VACCS) is a vibrant Victoria African & Caribbean Society-Club is a  Community Contribution Organization that aims to help and promote the African, Caribbean & Creole culture in Victoria British Columbia Canada. Our non-profit community organization was formed in 2012. 

Our mandate is:
a) to promote our community’s identity and its interests,
b) to inform members about existing resources so as to facilitate their social, cultural, political and economical integration in the Greater Victoria area, BC, and Canadian societies
c) to organize activities to mark significant events in the national life of African and Caribbean community of the Greater Victoria area.
c) to preserve and to promote the cultural heritage of the Blacks in Greater Victoria, in British Columbia and in Canada.  



Pulcherie Mboussi

Executive Director, VACCS