VACCS offers many opportunities for you to give back to the community and be part of our efforts to culturally enrich Victoria and surrounding areas. We are always looking for volunteers for Africa Fest, ISSAMBA, Africa Heritage Month/Black History and the numerous events we host every year! 

Examples of volunteer roles include

Sponsorship & Donation coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinator will support the development program with a focus on corporation giving This can also be a 15% commission based pay.

Grant writer

The Grant Writer supports fundraising goals to meet our financial objectives through writing successful grant applications and receiving grant awards. In addition, the Grant Writer works independently and successfully in research of new grants.

Festival General Coordinator Exhibitors

Responsible for reaching out to local vendors, cultural associations and merchants interested in selling their merchandise at the event. This position will work hard to make sure he or she is able to accommodate the diverse range of businesses, organizations, and crafts people looking to register.

  Marketing and Promotions 

This position is responsible for making sure events are well communicated to members of the community so that they’re well aware of the event and come out to show support. With the focus of the event being to create a brand that can be remembered.

Artistic Program 

This position is responsible for making sure sure all the required types of acts or the festival are recruited and confirmed. This position will work closely with the Artistic Director in making sure all confirmed artists for the event are well aware of what their responsibilities are. 

Volunteer Coordinator

This individual is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the planning team, on boarding them as well as training them to make sure they’re aware of what their responsibilities are. 

General Volunteer Roles - As this is the first year to put this event, we're interested in welcoming anyone looking to volunteer in their own special way as well!

 Tour Guides 
 Stage Management 
 Community Outreach 
 Public Relations 
 Activities Outreach Officers 
 Promotions Team 
 Decorations and Design 
 Hospitality and Accommodation 
 Accessibility  general volunteer,

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